Waqar Ahmad Choudhury

Dear Clients,

In recent years the changing investment landscape in Bangladesh has certained that investors and their advisers have to adapt an environment of high volatility in view of competitive market performance. We place great emphasis on long term performance, as well as the enduring professional relationships that we build with our clients. We also emphasize on investment research, which we approach from a global perspective. Our focus on research and portfolio management enables us to pursue superior investment performance to meet the varied and exacting needs of our diverse client base. We firmly believe in the long-term added value of active fund management, supported by a highly personalized level of service and we empower our team to apply their expertise and judgment in order to manage clients' assets and expectations.

By demonstrating our ability to deliver investment management services across all major asset classes, we have built VANGUARD Asset Management into one of the leading asset management companies in Bangladesh.  Understanding the importance of high ethical standards in an entity entrusted with clients' assets, we strive to anticipate and respond to the needs of our clients over the long-term, while also contributing to society in general by strictly upholding our fiduciary duties. We will continue to make our best efforts to build our reputation as a leading provider across all asset classes.  We are compact, focused and committed to our clients. It will be truly pleasant to see people join the link of long-term investment as our fellows, as they recognize our success in our efforts. We are determined to make this dream come true.

We look forward to working with you and serving your interests.

All the best and kind regards.


Waqar Ahmad Choudhury

Managing Director & CEO




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