Our investment philosophy is based on the conviction that long-term, stable and superior earnings growth drive long-term investment returns and risk-adjusted performance. By identifying sensibly priced high quality companies that can grow earnings faster than the market on a sustainable basis, we believe we will be able to achieve superior returns for our clients. Also central to our philosophy is the belief that compounding wealth requires preserving capital in down markets. At Vanguard Asset Management we believe that when investors place their funds with us it creates on us a sacred duty and trust that requires a very high degree of moral integrity, professionalism and commitment that must be honored at all times to ensure long term investment growth. The core guiding principles that we follow are: 

» Diversification of investments;

» Go for sustainable returns;

» Risk return optimization;

» Focus on long term returns;

» Focus on research and fundamentals.

We achieve our objectives by primarily investing in strong companies with good management and sound corporate governance. In addition, we also add value through other proprietary tools and investment processes and techniques.

Investment Premise

Our core investment premise is that the equity markets are not completely efficient. A well-organized and thorough research effort combined with a disciplined portfolio management approach will enable performance of the market index over time and most importantly apply a robust investment process that will include relevant macro economic trends, sector drivers, quality of the issuer, a disciplined risk management process and effective capital allocation.

We invest in Proprietary Research

We believe that a rigorous, multi-disciplined research process is indispensable to uncovering profitable investment opportunities. Accordingly, we invest in our own internal research efforts and the finely tuned process behind each and every portfolio decision we make. We combine economic and market research with in-depth fundamental company analysis to identify attractive investment opportunities.

We invest in ‘Good Businesses’

We feel that the key to successful investing is to buy ‘good businesses’. We view each purchase of stock as making an investment in the underlying business itself. Unlike market-timers or momentum traders, we take the time and effort to understand the businesses in which we invest. Through diligent research and hard work we strive to uncover solid companies with compelling growth prospects run by strong management teams.

We invest in Growing Companies at Reasonable Prices

When we make an investment in a company, we insist on buying in at a reasonable price to maximize return and minimize risk. A ‘good business’ is not always a ‘great stock’, and disciplined buy criteria are essential to making the distinction. While we look for companies with favorable long-term growth prospects, we will not overpay for that growth. Unlike some investment managers that follow either a distinct ‘growth’ or ‘value’ style, we feel these approaches are interrelated and that both must be considered in making investment decisions. Accordingly, we look for Growth at A Reasonable Price (GARP).

Policies and Procedures

We aspire to the highest standards of commercial, ethical and professional conduct and work every day to earn and maintain our clients’ respect and trust. Accordingly, we have established various policies and procedures that govern our day to day responsibilities to our investors, employees and other important stakeholders. These policies and procedures include but are not limited to:

  •  Confidentiality of information: We are committed to protecting personal information about our clients and investors and applying it appropriately. All members of our professional staff are trained to maintain strict confidentiality of information in respect of our firm, our clients and our investors. All employees are required to review, sign and abide by our memorandum of confidentiality of information.
  •  Code of conduct: We have established strict code of conduct guidelines that cover issues ranging from our fiduciary obligations to conflict of interests.

  •  Operational process and procedures manual: We have set up certain operational procedures that are well defined to protect the interests of our investors, employees and stakeholders.

 Tailor Made Solution   

  • With a discretionary mandate, our clients benefit from the expertise of our financial specialists.

  • Clients’ assets are being managed by experts in line with your investment objectives and risk constraints.

  • Our professional use in clearly defined and proven processes ensuring clients’ mandate is being implemented proficiently.

  • For all of our solutions, our focus is on performance, risk management, and ethical standards. 


Our Investment Process

Our investment process has been developed in consistence with our investment objective and investment premises. The investment portfolio is actively monitored on a regular basis and rebalanced as and when required. Our top down and bottom up investment approach is further enhanced by our proprietary technical trading platform which we employ to extensively back test our process. We believe that its advantage lies in the consistency of its approach, irrespective of market conditions.




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